S. S. Taylor

Lost City of Maps


Book 3 from Expeditioners series


In a world without modern tech, three siblings discover a mysterious map leading to a mythical city. Facing perilous terrains and ancient secrets, this gripping tale is a testament to adventure, family bonds, and the enduring allure of exploration. A must-read journey for young adventurers.

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In S. S. Taylor’s captivating novel, “The Expeditioners and the Lost City of Maps,” readers are transported into a world where discovery reigns supreme and maps are the key to unlocking untold treasures.

Set in a world where modern technology has failed and explorers become the heroes once again, three siblings – Kit, M. K., and Zander West – find themselves in possession of a mysterious, half-completed map. This map is not just any map; it holds clues to a place that many believed to be just a myth: The Lost City of Maps.

As they embark on their audacious journey, the siblings encounter treacherous terrains, encounter cunning enemies, and unveil secrets of an ancient civilization. Along the way, they must also confront their own internal battles, discovering their strengths and confronting the shadows of their past.

Taylor masterfully weaves a tale of adventure, intrigue, and familial bonds. The lush, detailed descriptions immerse readers into a vividly realized world, where danger lurks around every corner, but so does the promise of wonder and discovery.

Perfect for fans of exploration tales and those with an insatiable appetite for adventure, “The Expeditioners and the Lost City of Maps” is not just a story but an expedition in itself – one that challenges, delights, and inspires.


  • A gripping adventure tale for middle graders and young adults.
  • Themes of family, courage, and resilience.
  • Richly detailed world-building that will transport readers.
  • Engaging plot twists that keep the pages turning.

Embark on an unforgettable journey with the Expeditioners. The path may be uncertain, but the adventure is guaranteed. Secure your copy today and explore the uncharted!

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