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“The Last Bear” by Hannah Gold is an award-winning tale of courage and friendship between a girl and a polar bear. Illustrated by Levi Pinfold, this moving story for readers over 8 years old is a heartwarming call to action for wildlife conservation. Sequel available.

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“The Last Bear” by Hannah Gold is a poignant and heartwarming paperback that will captivate readers aged 8 and up. Honored with the Blue Peter Book Award and the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize in 2022, this book also stood proudly as a contender for Children’s Fiction Book of the Year at the British Book Awards and was shortlisted for the Indie Book Awards in the same year.

Acclaimed by Michael Morpurgo as an ‘important first novel’ for humanity, polar bears, and the planet, this tale is told with deep emotion and unforgettable narrative craftsmanship. The story introduces us to April, whose father’s scientific expedition brings them to the desolate Bear Island. Contrary to her father’s belief, April encounters a lone polar bear, lost and hungry. In the glow of the Arctic summer, a profound friendship blossoms, and April finds herself on a life-changing mission to save her new friend.

This stirring journey is not only a testament to the bond between a child and a wild creature but also serves as a powerful statement on the impact one young person can have. Illustrated with the enchanting artistry of Levi Pinfold, “The Last Bear” stands as a celebration of love, a clarion call for environmental stewardship, and an irresistible adventure that is as expansive and generous as the heart of a bear.

Described by The Times as ‘a dazzling debut,’ this magical story has captured the imaginations of readers worldwide, culminating in its status as a No.2 Sunday Times bestseller. For those left yearning for more, “Finding Bear,” the enthralling sequel to “The Last Bear,” continues the adventure and is available for the eager reader.

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