Richard Osman

The Man Who Died Twice


Book 2 from Thursday Murder Club series


Richard Osman’s “The Man Who Died Twice” enthralls with wit and suspense as the Thursday Murder Club tackles stolen diamonds and a menacing mob. In this praised sequel, four plucky seniors match wits with a killer. It’s a captivating blend of humor and mystery, delivering pure reading pleasure.

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Number of pages: 448

Published: 12 May 2022

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Dive into the latest escapade with the indomitable Thursday Murder Club in Richard Osman’s “The Man Who Died Twice.” This riveting sequel, hailed as a triumph by critics and fans alike, takes the club on a fresh and thrilling mystery, proving that age is just a number when it comes to cracking a case.

When Elizabeth receives a cryptic letter from an old friend in dire straits, involved with stolen diamonds and chased by a menacing mobster, she knows it’s a call to action. Gathering Joyce, Ibrahim, and Ron, the team is thrown into a race against time, where a killer’s cold ambition meets their warm wit and wisdom.

With bodies beginning to drop, the stakes couldn’t be higher. The club must navigate a maze of danger and deceit, with the elusive diamonds offering a glittering prize. But they’re not just up against any adversary; this foe is ruthless enough to consider four sleuthing seniors fair game.

Osman delivers a masterful blend of suspense and humor, crafting a story that’s as heartwarming as it is edge-of-your-seat. The Thursday Murder Club’s charm and resourcefulness shine through, offering a “pure pleasure” read that’s been celebrated by literary giants and critics, leaving you longing for the safety of their company and the excitement of their adventures.

Will the Thursday Murder Club outsmart the killer and seize the jewels, or will their pursuit of justice be cut tragically short? “The Man Who Died Twice” is a delightful, suspenseful romp that promises to be a fixture on your bookshelf and in your heart.

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