Timothy Knapman

The Winter Fox



In this heartwarming tale, a playful fox, unprepared for winter’s chill, learns the value of foresight and friendship. As Christmas nears, can a wish mend his regrets? Sparkling with festive foil details, this story captures the essence of winter’s magic and the warmth of redemption. A must-read seasonal gem.

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Number of pages: 24

Published: 06 October 2016

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Discover the Magic of Second Chances and the Warmth of True Friendship

As the golden hues of summer give way to the icy breath of winter, a playful fox finds himself facing the consequences of his carefree decisions. Fox, with his days spent in joyous frolic, had paid no heed to the cautionary tales of his woodland companions. Now, as the world blankets in white and food becomes scarce, he finds himself cold, famished, and desperately alone.

“The Winter Fox” weaves a poignant tale that highlights the virtues of foresight, compassion, and the beauty of genuine friendship. As Christmas approaches, Fox’s silent wishes for warmth and camaraderie echo in the frosty air. Will the spirit of the season, with its promise of miracles, extend its gentle hand to a regretful heart?

Embellished with shimmering foil details that dance like snowflakes on every page, this book serves as a gentle reminder of the strength in bonds forged and the magic of redemption. Timothy Knapman’s lyrical storytelling coupled with the book’s captivating illustrations makes it an unforgettable read. Curl up with your loved ones on those chilly nights and let “The Winter Fox” transport you to a world where hope shines brightest in the coldest moments.

A timeless story for all ages, “The Winter Fox” is sure to become a cherished part of your winter traditions. Whether read aloud by a crackling fireside or shared in the soft glow of a bedtime lamp, it’s a tale that warms the soul and kindles the spirit of the season.

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