Rescue Tails: The Treacherous Tower

StacyPlays (author)


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“Rescue Tails: The Treacherous Tower” is a heart-pounding adventure by StacyPlays. Stacy and her wolf Basil race against time to save a lost ocelot from a perilous tower. Illustrated with captivating drawings, this story of courage and friendship is perfect for young fans of Minecraft-inspired tales.

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Number of pages: 160

Published: 16 January 2024

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Embark on an enchanting adventure with “Rescue Tails: The Treacherous Tower,” the latest masterpiece from the New York Times bestselling author of the Wild Rescuers series, StacyPlays. Dive into the pages of this illustrious new series that combines the thrill of StacyPlays’ Minecraft-inspired universe with the heartwarming tales of animal rescues. Illustrated with captivating black-and-white drawings on nearly every page, this journal-style narrative invites young readers into the world of Stacy and her extraordinary pack of wolves.

In this inaugural adventure, join Stacy and her loyal wolves—Addison, Basil, Everest, Noah, Tucker, and Wink—as they live in unity within the serene expanse of their forest cave dwelling. Their peaceful life takes a turn when Milo the bat arrives with urgent news: a baby ocelot, lost and vulnerable, needs their help to return to its jungle biome family.

With the clock ticking, Stacy and her brave wolf, Basil, embark on a daring mission to locate the ocelot. Their journey leads them to a forgotten tower, a place shrouded in mystery and fraught with danger. This tower, with its labyrinth of obstacles, traps, and menacing creatures, stands between them and the rescue mission’s success. Will Stacy and Basil navigate these perils in time to save the ocelot and reunite it with its family?

“Rescue Tails: The Treacherous Tower” is not just a story of adventure; it’s a celebration of courage, friendship, and the unbreakable bond between humans and animals. Perfect for fans of StacyPlays and young readers drawn to thrilling quests and the magical world of Minecraft, this book is a testament to the power of compassion and teamwork. Join Stacy and her pack on this unforgettable journey and discover if they have what it takes to overcome the challenges of the treacherous tower.

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