M. I. McAllister

Urchin of the Riding Stars


Book 1 from Mistmantle Chronicles series


On a night of riding stars, a tiny squirrel is found abandoned and close to death on a distant beach. Adopted and raised by a welcoming colony of animals, Urchin has no idea of his powerful destiny or of his mysterious origins.

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The rule of the good King Brushen and Queen Spindle is threatened by an evil plot from within the court. When a murder is committed, the isle is thrown into turmoil. Behind the scenes, ruthless animals are determined to seize the throne. But to underestimate the power of the islanders and the ancient prophecies is a big mistake…

Triumphant heroes and brilliantly wicked villains do battle in this first book of the treasured, heart-stopping Mistmantle adventure series. Glorious new illustrations by Christine Enright capture the spirit of Urchin and his world.

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