Warmies Dusty Pups Soft Toy Device Cleaner – Pink Bunny


Introducing Warmies Dusty Pups: the cutest device cleaners! Merge practicality with charm as these soft toy cleaners effortlessly wipe away smudges. Portable and safe for all screens, they’re more than just cleaners—they’re adorable companions. Ensure crystal-clear screens with a touch of fun. Perfect for gadget lovers everywhere!

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Elevate your device cleaning routine with the Warmies Dusty Pups™ Soft Toy Device Cleaner. Fusing functionality with a touch of cuteness, this cleaner promises to keep your gadgets pristine while serving as a delightful companion.


  1. Exceptional Cleaning Ability: Expertly crafted with fine fibers, Dusty Pups ensure that your devices remain spotless and free from smudges or fingerprints.
  2. Adorable Designs: Each Dusty Pup is meticulously designed with charming details, making it not just a device cleaner but also a delightful accessory.
  3. Portable Companion: Compact and lightweight, carry your Dusty Pup wherever you go. Whether it’s for a work presentation or your daily commute, ensure your devices shine bright.
  4. Safe for All Devices: Gently crafted, Dusty Pups are suitable for screens of all sizes – from smartphones to tablets to laptops. They’re gentle on screens and tough on dirt.
  5. Ideal Gift: Looking for a unique and practical gift? The Dusty Pups make for a perfect choice, delighting recipients with their dual utility and cuteness.

Description: Transform the way you care for your devices with Warmies Dusty Pups™. These soft toy cleaners are the ideal companions, making sure your screens are free from dirt and fingerprints. Their endearing designs brighten up your day, while their efficient cleaning ensures clarity for all your devices. Lightweight and easy to carry, always have a cute and furry friend with you to guarantee your screens remain squeaky clean.

Get Yours Today: Join the growing family of Dusty Pups lovers. Embrace the perfect blend of practicality and charm and never settle for a smudged screen again. Add a Dusty Pup to your device care kit and let the cleaning magic begin!

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