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Warriors Super Edition: Riverstar’s Home


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“Warriors Super Edition: Riverstar’s Home” is a thrilling standalone adventure in Erin Hunter’s acclaimed Warriors series. Riverstar, chosen by fan vote, must choose between his new Clan and his old family, navigating a storm of loyalty and leadership. A must-read for every Warriors fan, young and old.

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Number of pages: 528

Published: 14 September 2023

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Dive into the captivating world of Erin Hunter’s bestselling Warriors series with “Warriors Super Edition: Riverstar’s Home,” a thrilling standalone tale that resonates with the heart of a hero chosen by Warriors fans themselves.

In this extraordinary narrative, we meet Ripple, a cat whisked away from the familiar comforts of his park home by a ferocious storm. Cast onto an unfamiliar island, Ripple, now known as Riverstar, embraces a solitary life. However, fate has other plans. As his new island gradually becomes a haven for other lost and wandering rogues, Riverstar finds himself at the helm of a burgeoning community, soon to be a Clan.

But tranquility is fleeting. The past comes knocking when an old friend from the park brings dire news, thrusting Riverstar into a whirlwind of moral dilemmas. Torn between the bonds of his past and the responsibilities of his newfound position, Riverstar stands at a crossroads. What does he truly hold dear? His newfound Clan and community, or the family he left behind in the park?

Selected through a fan vote in a unique poll, Riverstar’s journey as the inaugural leader of RiverClan is not just an adventure but a testament to the enduring spirit of loyalty, leadership, and the complex choices that define us. This extra-long edition is more than a book; it’s a celebration of the Warriors legacy and a must-have for every fan, promising to hold a special place on the shelves of readers, young and old.

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