Sara Elizabeth Kellner

Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals

A naturalist's notebook



“Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals” by Sara Elizabeth Kellner combines knitting with nature. Discover 25 realistic yet endearing animal patterns, complete with sketches, notes, and easy instructions. From timberwolves to trout, knit your way through the wilderness with this charming guide for knitters and nature enthusiasts alike.

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Published: 15 October 2022

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Embark on a delightful journey into the wilderness with “Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals,” a unique book that merges the art of knitting with the wonder of nature. Authored by Sara Elizabeth Kellner, this book is not just a collection of knitting patterns; it’s a window into the world of wild animals, brought to life through the eyes of a knitter who is also a passionate naturalist.

Inside this beautifully crafted notebook, readers will find an enchanting blend of art and science. Kellner presents her personal sketches and detailed notes on various wild creatures, providing insight into their natural habitats and behaviors. Accompanying these observations are 25 charming knitting patterns, each meticulously designed to capture the essence and personality of a specific wild animal. From the soft fur of a leaping cottontail rabbit to the majestic stance of a howling timberwolf, the diversity of wildlife is celebrated in every stitch.

But “Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals” is more than a pattern book. It’s an invitation to explore and appreciate the beauty of nature through the craft of knitting. Whether you are a seasoned knitter or just starting, the book offers easy-to-follow instructions that guide you in creating your own collection of knitted wildlife. The animals featured range from the familiar to the exotic, including a hedgehog, rainbow trout, red squirrel, beaver, badger, meadowlark, bald eagle, and many others. Each knitted creature is not only realistic in appearance but also exudes an irresistible cuteness, mirroring the charm found in real wildlife.

With your knitting needles and yarn in hand, “Wild and Woolly Knitted Animals” invites you to cast on and knit your way into the heart of the wild outdoors. This book is a perfect gift for knitters, nature enthusiasts, or anyone who cherishes the beauty of animals and the joy of crafting. Join Sara Elizabeth Kellner on this unique adventure, and bring the magic of the wild into your home, one stitch at a time.

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