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Book 3 from Emma Dodd Animal Series series


Discover “Wish” by Emma Dodd, a heartwarming children’s board book from Nosy Crow. Join a brave little wolf and Daddy wolf on their enchanting adventures, celebrating the power of love and guidance. With gentle rhymes and charming illustrations, this book is a treasure for bedtime or storytime.

Number of pages: 24

Published: 01 September 2016

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Introducing “Wish” by Emma Dodd, a heartwarming children’s board book published by Nosy Crow that will capture the imaginations and hearts of both kids and parents alike.

In the enchanting world of “Wish,” young readers embark on a magical journey alongside a brave little wolf and his beloved Daddy wolf. This endearing tale celebrates the unbreakable bond between a parent and child, emphasizing the importance of love, guidance, and the joy of shared adventures.

As the story unfolds, we meet the little wolf who is always filled with curiosity and wonder. But he’s never alone because he has Daddy wolf by his side, ready to show him the beauty and secrets of the world. Together, they make an unbeatable team, exploring the forest, climbing mountains, and facing every challenge with courage and love.

With Emma Dodd’s enchanting illustrations, “Wish” beautifully captures the essence of a parent’s unwavering support and a child’s boundless dreams. The gentle, rhyming text creates a soothing rhythm that’s perfect for bedtime or storytime, making this book a cherished addition to any child’s library.

“Wish” is not just a story; it’s a heartfelt reminder that the love between a parent and child is a guiding star that lights the way through life’s adventures. Share this delightful book with your little ones and let it inspire the magic of imagination and the warmth of family bonds.

Get ready to embark on a whimsical journey filled with love, courage, and dreams with “Wish” by Emma Dodd. Order your copy today and discover the enchanting world of a brave little wolf and his loving Daddy wolf. It’s a tale that will leave you smiling and believing in the power of wishes and love.

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