The Wizard of the Kremlin



“The Wizard of the Kremlin” reveals the dark heart of Russian politics through Vadim Baranov, Putin’s chief spin doctor. His quest to escape the regime he helped shape makes this a gripping political fiction, spanning from the Soviet Union’s fall to Ukraine’s invasion. A must-read for its piercing insight.

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Number of pages: 285

Published: 18 January 2024

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In the riveting landscape of global political fiction comes an unmissable masterpiece, “The Wizard of the Kremlin”. This international sensation, lauded by critics and readers alike, delves deep into the shadowy world of Russian politics through the eyes of its most elusive figure: Vadim Baranov.


Vadim Baranov stands at the epicenter of Russian power, an enigmatic genius orchestrating the grand spectacle of the nation’s politics. As Putin’s chief spin doctor, Baranov’s unconventional methods, rooted in experimental theatre and reality television, have transformed the political landscape into a bewildering theatre of the absurd where truth and falsehood blur.

From the collapse of the Soviet Union to the recent upheavals in Ukraine, “The Wizard of the Kremlin” takes readers on a thrilling journey through pivotal moments in history, all seen through Baranov’s perspective. Yet, as the architect of this new reality, Baranov finds himself caught in the web of the very system he helped create, seeking a way out from under the looming shadow of the Kremlin’s dark corridors.

Praise for ‘The Wizard of the Kremlin’

  • New Statesman calls it “Compelling and convincing,” a testament to its gripping narrative and insightful portrayal of political machinations.
  • Foreign Policy labels it “A must-read,” highlighting its relevance and urgency in today’s geopolitical climate.
  • The Times describes it as “A fictional wandering through the dark corridors of the Kremlin,” ranking it among the biggest books of the season for its bold and imaginative exploration of power.

Why Read This Book?

  • Unparalleled Insight: Offers a unique lens on the complexities of Russian politics, blending real historical events with speculative fiction to provide a nuanced understanding of contemporary power dynamics.
  • Masterful Storytelling: Engages readers with its fast-paced narrative, compelling character development, and a plot that intertwines personal ambition with the fate of a nation.
  • Timely and Timeless: While rooted in recent events, the themes of truth manipulation, political intrigue, and the quest for freedom are universal and enduring.

The Wizard of the Kremlin” is not just a book; it’s an experience that captivates, educates, and provokes thought. Whether you’re a fan of political thrillers, a student of modern history, or simply someone who appreciates well-crafted fiction, this book promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of one of the world’s most enigmatic power structures.

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