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Dive into Jess Bolton’s “Worried Whippet: Inspiration to Be Brave”. From the beloved @worriedwhippet TikTok & Instagram sensation with 220k followers, this illustrated London tale offers poignant life lessons on bravery, anxiety, and friendship. A perfect gift to inspire, uplift, and encourage. Keep Calm and Whippet On.

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Number of pages: 123

Published: 14 September 2023

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In an age where anxiety often holds us captive, Jess Bolton brings forth a beacon of hope through her heartwarming tales of Jess, the Worried Whippet. From the bustling streets of London to the serene English beaches and countrysides, join this endearing whippet’s journey from her cozy bed, battling seagulls and her fears, to emerge a beacon of bravery.

Why you should read “Worried Whippet”:

  1. From Social Media to Your Shelf: Riding on the tailwinds of her immense popularity from the @worriedwhippet accounts on TikTok and Instagram, Jess the whippet has charmed over 220k followers. Now, you can bring home her delightful adventures in this beautifully illustrated book.
  2. Universal Life Lessons Through A Whippet’s Eyes: Dive deep into enchanting stories that draw parallels between Jess’s miniature trials and human struggles with anxiety and depression. Discover universal themes of bravery, kindness, and the strength of friendship.
  3. Stunning Whimsical Illustrations: Each page is adorned with whimsical illustrations, capturing Jess’s quintessential English adventures. Every brushstroke encapsulates the essence of her humorous and touching journey.
  4. Perfect Gift for Various Occasions: Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, pet adoption, or simply to uplift someone’s spirit, this book is a treasure trove of bite-sized inspirations, making it an ideal gift for all ages.
  5. A Global Message from London: Authored in the heart of London, England, Jess Bolton’s tales effortlessly resonate with readers worldwide, urging them to combat their fears and embrace the world with newfound courage.

Join Jess, the Worried Whippet, as she teaches us to “Keep Calm and Whippet On”. Whether you’re battling the seagulls of life or looking for a dose of laughter and inspiration, this book promises to be a beloved companion in every reader’s journey towards mental wellness.

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