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Discover the elegance of the Kissing Hares Writing Set by Gifted Stationery. This chic case-bound box includes 32 A5 letter sheets, 16 envelopes, a ballpoint pen, and letter seals. Weighing 37g with dimensions of 230mm x 170mm x 30mm, it’s perfect for meaningful correspondence.

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Exquisite Kissing Hares Writing Set by Gifted Stationery – The Essence of Graceful Correspondence

Step into the world of elegant communication with our Kissing Hares Writing Set, designed to infuse sophistication into every letter you pen. Housed in a finely crafted case-bound box, this writing set from Gifted Stationery is a testament to the art of written words.


  • 32 A5 Letter Sheets: Each sheet is a canvas awaiting your thoughts, ready to carry your messages across the world.
  • 16 Envelopes: Seal your words within these envelopes, ensuring your communication is not just heard, but felt.
  • Ball Point Pen: A sleek pen that glides across the paper, making writing an effortless pleasure.
  • Gusseted Pocket with 2 Sheets of Letter Seals: Add a personal touch to your correspondence with decorative seals that signify care and attention.


  • Weight: A lightweight ensemble at just 37g, designed for your convenience.
  • Dimensions: The set measures an optimal 230 mm × 170 mm × 30 mm, making it the perfect fit for your desk or to take on the go.

Whether you’re drafting a heartfelt letter, penning down a poem, or sending a thank-you note, this writing set is your ally in connecting with others in the most personal way. The charming Kissing Hares design is not just a motif, it’s a symbol of connection and affection that your recipients will treasure.

Make each word count, make each letter an experience – with the Kissing Hares Writing Set by Gifted Stationery.

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